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Leather Conditioners

Leather Conditioner:
Dyo Leather Conditioner is an excellent dressing, which will clean, soften, and condition leather.  Leather Conditioner cleans and polishes smooth leather as well as vinyl and other synthetics.  Just apply liberally with a soft cloth and allow to dry.  Once dry; buff to a soft luster with a clean, dry cloth.  Leather Conditioner cleans, conditions, and polishes without discoloration and is excellent for delicate leathers used in clothing.

Reptile Conditioner:
Dyo Reptile Conditioner is specially formulated for the cleaning and conditioning of all types and colors of exotic leathers.  Dyo Reptile Conditioner is widely used on such popular skins as alligator, lizard, snake, ostrich, and eel.  Cleans and polishes without discoloration.

Dyo Mink Oil:
Dyo Mink Oil will greatly extend the life of your leather goods by conditioning and waterproofing the leather and by enhancing flexibility and pliability.  Available in paste or liquid.

Distressed Leather Conditioner:
Th perfect conditioner for oil tanned and distressed leathers of today’s leather goods market.  Distressed Leather Conditioner replaces the natural oils to keep distressed leather looking it’s best while staying soft and pliable.

Neatsfoot Oil:
Used for the conditioning, finishing and darkening of heavy wear leather goods.  Neatsfoot Oil keeps leather healthy and pliable.  It is recommended for the regular conditioning of saddles, tack and holsters.

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Shoe Polishes

Shoe Cream:
Dyo Shoe Cream conditions the leather with waxes and oils as well as add color and covers scratches. Shoe Cream is available in a wide array of colors to match your leather goods, or let us formulate a custom color for you. Our most popular container is a very easy to use squeeze tube with sponge applicator tip. Also available in screw top jars. 

Shoe Wax Polish:
For that traditional shine, nothing does it quite like Dyo Shoe Wax.  Carnuba wax is the key to this product. Can be buffed out to a high gloss shine. Also helps to protect the leather. Available in popular colors.

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Suede & Nubuck Cleaner:
Dyo Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is a superior cleaner for all genuine suede and nubuck leather.  Recommended for water-based stains, dust, and dirt.  Oil-based stains can be removed with Dyo Spot Remover.  Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is water-based and non-hazardous. Available in pump or aerosol sprays.

Leather Soap:
Dyo Leather Soap is a non-hazardous, water-based cleaner for leather.  Dyo Leather Soap’s deep foaming action lifts dirt, and grime from the pores of the leather to leave a clean, smooth pliable surface.

Athletic Shoe Cleaner:
A multi-purpose cleaner for use on nylon, leather, synthetics, nubuck and fabric.
Dyo Athletic Shoe Cleaner foams up during use for a very visual sense of cleaning. Popular with athletic footwear because it will not harm bright colors.
Available in pump or aerosol sprays. 

Glycerin Saddle Soap:
A liquid glycerin saddle soap for the deep cleaning of leather goods.  This is a pure natural soap that contains no detergents.  Dyo Glycerin Saddle Soap leaves the leather soft and supple.  When buffed, it produces an attractive natural finish.  Most popular in our pump spray.

Spot Remover:
Dyo Spot Remover is a tried and true industry favorite.  Dyo Spot Remover is a solvent-based cleaning agent that removes even the toughest compounds, such as chewing gum, oil, tar, adhesives, and grease.

Sole Cleaner:
Very popular with athletic and casual shoes that have white or light colored soles and midsoles. Dyo Sole Cleaner will not damage the adjacent leather or material. 

Patent Cleaner:
A liquid cleaner that will not harm the finish and shine of patent and patina. Dyo Patent Cleaner can be used to clean all smooth finished synthetics.

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Water & Stain Protectors

Waterproof Balm & Conditioner:
A thick gel that penetrates the leather with oils, waxes and silicone to provide excellent protection from the elements as well as giving the leather a soft, supple feel. Can be lightly buffed to restore the original shine. For use on finished leathers.

DRYO Waterproofer:
DRYO Waterproofer is an excellent water and stain protector that is widely used in the manufacture of all leather goods. Once dry, this waterproofer prevents the penetration of water and staining substances.  DRYO is safe to use on all smooth leathers, nubuck, genuine suede leather, fabric and most other natural and man-made surfaces. Contains no silicone. Available in pump or aerosol sprays.

Triple Action Viscol:
Dyo Triple Action Viscol is a silicone-based waterproofing agent.  Triple Action Viscol oils, waterproofs, and preserves leather as well as extending its life and durability. Recommended for any leather goods that are often exposed to nature’s elements.

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Edge Finish:
A quick drying edge finish that produces a smooth even edge to restore that perfect factory finished look to your footwear. Available in popular colors or you may request DYO’s custom color matching. Available with built-in applicator in the cap. 

Shoe Stretch:
A superior product which penetrates the leather quickly and relaxes leather fibers for easy stretching. Just spray it on the leather. Can be used with a shoe stretcher or used while the shoes are being worn.

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